Bangladesh – January 12 2024

Arsha’s new beginning

At only two years old, Arsha tragically witnessed her father kill her mother. “I still carry the memories of that painful moment with me,” Arsha, now 13, remembers. She was soon welcomed into her new home at SOS Children’s Villages in Bangladesh—but she was plagued by nightmares and anxiety. 

Night after night, Arsha was jolted awake by nightmares, screaming and sweating in fear. She was often too groggy to attend school the next day. As she got older, her trauma made it difficult for her to study, help around the house and get along with other kids.  

Arsha couldn’t go on like this. She needed help. 

Fortunately, Arsha’s caregivers are expertly trained in mental health and recognized her distress. Arsha now participates in therapy with a psychiatrist to cope with her trauma. With a safe space to talk openly about her worries, she finally feels renewed hope. 

Arsha is healing, thanks to the generosity of people like you! Your kindness enables children like Arsha to join loving families in our children’s villages and ensures they receive mental health support to overcome past trauma.  

You can help more children like Arsha. In Bangladesh, 620 children are growing up with loving care in our children’s villages. Learn how your support can transform their lives!