July 14 2017

Inside an SOS Family in Kenya

Mildred, an SOS Mother, talks about raising vulnerable children in her SOS Family in Kenya.

KISUMU, Kenya—Each time a new child joins her family, Mildred makes certain they feel welcome.

“When we are expecting a new child, I prepare the children and make sure they understand that another child is coming to join us,” said Mildred, who has been an SOS Mother in Kenya since 2009. “When the last child joined us, the children were overjoyed. They still carry him around like a baby.”

There are 10 children growing up in Mildred’s SOS Family. Most of them were born to different families, except for the siblings. All of her children have traumatic family backgrounds and were in need of a new, loving home.

“Each of my children has a sad story. But I am happy to say they have all improved, and are now leading happy, better, well-rounded lives,” said Mildred.

One of her children, Crispin, was so malnourished when he arrived that Mildred didn’t think he would survive. However, after numerous hospital visits and the proper medication and nutrition, Crispin recovered and is now a healthy boy.

Mildred, an SOS Mother in Kenya since 2009, speaks to one of her sons in their kitchen at the SOS Village. 

Mildred is one of 15 SOS Mothers at the SOS Village in Kisumu, Kenya, which was opened in January 2010. Before joining SOS Children’s Villages in 2009, she was a nun for 10 years. Mildred says that being an SOS Mother allows her to be in a more open environment that has expanded her view of the world.

“Having been in a closed environment during my time as a nun, being an SOS Mother has opened my view of the world,” Mildred said. “Working with children has given me new hope,” she added.

Mildred also mentioned her gratitude to SOS Sponsors, whose support helps supply her with the house budget she uses to buy her children food, clothes, school supplies and more. She said that her children eagerly read the letters that their sponsors send them.

“I would like the sponsors to know that I appreciate their effort, each and every one of them. Without them there would be no breakfast on the table for the children. Through their support there is consistency in the children’s care.”