Youth employability – April 15 2019

Vocational Training Opens New Doors for SOS Graduate

Youth Employability through carpentry vocational training for recent SOS graduate

Lusanda Bodlisa of South Africa knows his vocational training in carpentry could open doors to different jobs. But, in his case, he might simply build the doors himself.

Lusanda, a 21-year-old graduate of an SOS Children’s Villages and Deutsche Post DHL training programme, plans to start his own company building customized doors and storage spaces for commercial businesses and large companies.

“I would like to travel the world with my carpentry skills,” says Lusanda. “For me, it’s a big opportunity, and I believe that if I put my mind to it, I can make it possible.”

Since he was a child, Lusanda liked to play with wood. “I’m good at carpentry. I’m not professionally trained but it’s a talent I was born with,” he says.

He thought he could benefit from the Freight and Logistic Learnership program at Deutsche Post DHL where company employees share their insights and experience with young people in SOS Children’s Villages programs. “I wanted to be something in life,” says Lusanda. “I had role models that I want to look like one day.”

The program is part of the global YouthCan! initiative, a multi-stakeholder approach to tackle youth employability by increasing employability skills and opportunities for young people.

Ultimately, being part of the program helped Lusanda plan for his goal. “What I’ve learned is that no matter the situation you come back from, there are people out there who are willing to help,” he says. “If you are willing to give time, if you’re willing to listen, if you’re willing to humble yourself, they will always be there for you.”

Main photo: Lusanda Bodlisa. Photographer: Leonora Barclay.


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