A Country in Crisis

The Situation in Brief: What You Need to Know


Venezuela has been in economic and political turmoil since 2014, when oil prices began to decline, leading to a devastating recession. The government invested less in social programs, which worsened the situation for the country’s inhabitants. Food and medicine are in short supply, and child malnutrition is on the rise. 

Children and families have been affected by the current economic and political landscape leaving increased vulnerabilities and growing need. SOS Children’s Villages continues to support vulnerable families but more help is urgently needed.  

The Problem in Numbers


More then 4,000 Venezuelans are crossing the border into Colombia every day



of school-age children in Venezuela are malnourished



of Venezuelan households were poor at the end of 2016


SOS Children's Villages Impact: 

How Supporters LIke You Are Making A Difference:


SOS Children’s Villages is working hard to ensure the safety of our children and the continuity of our programs during this crisis. With your help, we are working to minimize the impact of the current environment on families and ensure that orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children and young people who have come to SOS to find a loving home - will continue to have everything they deserve. 

As the crisis continues, the need for SOS care and family strengthening work continues to grow.  We know you share in our commitment to helping SOS Children’s Villages Venezuela keep serving children and families in Venezuela today and in the future. 

Venezuela in Crisis: 

Children on the Move

Faced with a dire situation and limited economic opportunities, many Venezuelans are fleeing the country. Colombia has become the largest destination country for those fleeing Venezuela, with an estimated influx of a million Venezuelans to date. In addition, nearly 70,000 Venezuelans have entered Brazil over the past year, with nearly 800 coming in every day. SOS Children’s Villages is helping Venezuelan children and families in both of these countries.

In Brazil, The SOS Children’s villages is running an emergency response program, to provide accommodation and support to refugees.  It provides residents with two shelters with vocational and local language courses, referrals to the social assistance network, and financial support to families. An estimated 1,600 people will be helped through this intervention.  Along with this, it will support refugees by providing at least two SOS homes for Venezuelan families at the Goio√™re and Igarassu Villages. This will assist 600 people in 30 households for up to six months.

The Planned Support Includes: 

  • Ensuring that the rights of children and adolescents are guaranteed in shelters, in accordance with national laws. 
  • Providing temporary accommodation for families at SOS Villages Goioer√™ and Igarassu. 
  • Offering Portuguese language lessons for children and adults. 
  • Promoting access for Venezuelans to education and ensuring that children are enrolled in school.
  • Ensuring that families have access to sufficient food, water and sanitation to meet their basic needs. 
  • Helping families gain access to health care. 


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