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This is a collection of some of the most moving testimonials that we have had the privilege of receiving from some of our alumni and donors, as well as powerful quotations from corporate partners and global ambassadors, with one thing in common: a deep appreciation for child welfare and safeguarding on a local, national and global level. 

An issue that unites individuals, families, celebrities, corporations and governments alike. 


“SOS Children’s Villages provides the foundation for life to children who need a place to call home.”  

– The late Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa & Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 

The SOS Community

Enetty, SOS Zimbabwe 

“When I received my sponsorship welcome packet, I actually used the opportunity to share my own personal story with my daughter. She was surprised to hear that I was an orphaned child. I quickly told her there was no way I could actually call myself an orphaned child because I had a home and mom at SOS.”  

Enetty, SOS Zimbabwe 

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We love hearing about how SOS Children’s Villages has made an impact on your life.  

There are no better advocates for the transformative power of our programs than those who are directly affected by them. Whether you grew up in an SOS family, took advantage of SOS’s education and training opportunities or benefited from SOS family strengthening initiatives, we want to hear from you. 

Our impact is not limited to those who directly benefit from the important work we do. All of you feel the impact of SOS in your lives. That’s why you’re here. There’s nothing more powerful than a personal story. Share yours today!


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