Emergency Relief

SOS is there to help, courtesy of you,  putting the protection of children and their families at the center of our actions.  


We bring children who are in danger to safety, and we make sure they get the food, clothing, medical care and emotional support they need. And we give emergency assistance to traumatized families, so children can safely stay with their parents and siblings.

Emergency Relief for Vulnerable Children

In times of war and disaster, children need specific protection and care. With our established global infrastructure, network of partners, and trusted recognition as a reliable and effective partner in quality care, we launch emergency response programs for children and families who need urgent assistance. Our emergency response teams have helped children at risk in more than 150 humanitarian situations around the world. 

  • When Ebola struck West Africa, SOS took care of children orphaned by the epidemic, welcoming them into SOS families in SOS villages.

  • When an earthquake devasted Nepal, SOS provided families with desperately needed food and bedding, and offered recreational activities and psychological support to help traumatized children begin to heal.
  • In Syria, SOS distributed food, water and other essential items to families displaced by the civil war. And we provided a respite for war-weary children, setting up safe spaces where they could relax, play, and learn.

Every emergency is different, but with our decades of experience and our presence in 135 countries, we are able to quickly assess what is needed, and to make sure that affected children are cared for and protected. 

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Extreme circumstances impact family and community resilience, putting children at an increased risk of losing parental care and protection when they need it most. 

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