Measuring Our Impact

Your donation, your impact. 

The Return on Investment

More and more donors want to see a monetary value for the impact that their donation achieves – a social return on investment. But how does one put a financial value on improving children’s lives?

Fortunately, the Boston Consulting Group helped us tackle that challenge, and together we developed a formal and rigorous model for impact assessment. 

The Methodology 

The assessment methodology focused on interviewing former SOS program participants and measuring outcomes in eight areas:

The Results

About 80% of former program participants – 79% of participants from family strengthening programs, and 84% of participants from family-like alternative care – were “doing well” in at least six of the eight areas measured.

Your Impact on Communities

SOS's community-level impact was assessed through stakeholder interviews and focus group discussions. Outcomes were tracked in four areas:

  • Community awareness
  • Community-based support systems (civic engagement, community networks, child safeguarding)
  • Progress toward sustainability
  • Family-like alternative care

With the results in hand, impact was quantified to calculate a figure for social return on investment (SROI). Altogether, SOS Children’s Villages delivered an impressive social return of $14 for every $1 invested.