Every 2.2 seconds a child loses a parent somewhere in the world.

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Change a life for about $1 a day.

You can provide a vulnerable child in

with a family, a stable and loving home, an opportunity to learn, and a healthy future.

Why should I sponsor a child?

Children are in crisis.

children and youth don't go to school
children have lost one or both parents
children live in areas affected by armed conflict
children live in extreme poverty

Become an SOS Sponsor, and YOU give a child:

A caring mother and loving family

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As a sponsor, you make sure that a child who has lost their family doesn’t lose everything. Orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children will grow up in one of our SOS families with an SOS Mother and sisters and brothers — with every effort made to keep biological siblings together. Each home is headed by a trained caregiver, an SOS Mother, who raises each child with the individual care and attention they need. As a family, they build emotional ties together that last a lifetime.

A stable home and supportive community

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As a sponsor, you open the door to a secure and loving home for a child. Every SOS family lives in their own house within an SOS Village. We have over 560 SOS Villages around the world. Under its roof, children enjoy a real sense of security and belonging, which is critically important for children who need special support and protection. Living as integrated members of the local community, children are able to grow and learn together and SOS families form a network of mutual support.

The opportunity for a quality education

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As a sponsor, you set a child on the path towards a bright future. Every child in an SOS family has access to quality education from kindergarten through vocational training or university. Sponsors give a child the chance to just be a kid — to learn, grow and play in a safe and loving environment. Your sponsorship delivers education opportunities that help break the cycle of poverty.

Building blocks for a healthy future

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As a sponsor, you provide an at-risk child with proper nutrition, urgent and ongoing medical care to be healthy and strong. Sponsoring also enables lifesaving healthcare including vaccinations, HIV/AIDS treatments and mental health programs, through our established medical centers around the world.

Make A Difference Now

When you sponsor a child, you’re part of the family.

As an SOS Sponsor, you will help provide a child in need with the love and long-term support they need to shape their own futures. Here’s what to expect when you become a child sponsor:

I still have more questions...

Check out our Sponsorship FAQs page for common questions about child sponsorship.

Where are the SOS villages located?

There are over 570 SOS Villages worldwide, including the United States.


It takes a village to raise a child.

When you sponsor, you join a community of SOS Sponsors — people just like you who have decided to change a life.

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