Family and Individual Philanthropy

David Mitchell

As a Board Member and supporter of SOS Children's Villages, I tell people you can feel good about investing in this work. You can see your impact. You can make a real difference for kids who've been dealt a bad hand.

David Mitchell

For millions of children, daily life is a state of emergency.
Extreme poverty and inequality...
War and violence...
Humanitarian crises and disaster...

These threats tear at the very fabric of society and weaken the family and community structures that are meant to protect children.

Thankfully, families and individuals are key partners in our work to protect and support vulnerable children and families in 135 countries, including the United States.

Our individual giving team works with individuals, family foundations and trusts, wealth advisors and donor-advised funds. We cultivate meaningful relationships to help donors achieve their philanthropic goals and experience the powerful impact of their investment as a preventative measure in the fight against poverty, abandonment and social neglect.

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