Ending violence against children through your child sponsorship

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Ending violence against children

SOS Children's Villages USA is ending violence against children by providing holistic care and support through our unique child sponsorship program. From tackling issues like child neglect and emotional trauma, to combatting child exploitation and trafficking, our child sponsors are creating a safer and more nurturing world for children in need of a loving home and family.

Child neglect and abuse

Child abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect are serious issues faced by nearly 1 in 2 children each year, according to the WHO. From medical neglect to abandonment, abuse in all its forms can have devastating consequences.

  • Child neglect definition: Child neglect encompasses the failure to provide a child's basic needs, including food, shelter, healthcare and emotional support.
  • Signs of neglect: Identifying neglect, especially emotional neglect, can be challenging; common signs include feelings of abandonment, low self-esteem and difficulties forming healthy relationships.
  • Long-term effects: Children who experience abuse in childhood may carry emotional scars into adulthood, impacting their physical and mental health and ability to function in society.

Combatting exploitation & trafficking

Abuse and neglect can leave children more vulnerable to child exploitation, including forced labor and trafficking. SOS's work aims to prevent and address these issues through family strengthening and community empowerment. 

  • Child exploitation definition: Child exploitation involves the misuse and abuse of children for profit or personal gain, with examples ranging from child labor to sex trafficking.
  • Human trafficking facts: Shockingly, millions of children are trafficked each year, subjected to forced labor, sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse.
  • Our fight against child slavery: In more than 130 countries and territories, we're working tirelessly to combat child slavery and protect vulnerable children with programming in alternative care, education, heath care, gender equality and economic empowerment.

Empowering through sponsorship

When you sponsor a child with SOS Children's Villages USA, you're directly contributing to the well-being and protection of children at risk of violence and exploitation. Here's how your sponsorship makes a difference:

  • Essential support: Your sponsorship ensures that a child receives access to vital necessities like food, healthcare and quality education, in a caring environment, safe from neglect and abuse.
  • Family-like environment: SOS Children's Villages provides a loving family environment for children who have been abandoned or orphaned, offering stability and support, along with the opportunity to stay with their biological siblings.
  • Psychological care: Our dedicated staff provides trauma-informed care and counseling to help children heal from past traumas and develop resilience.
  • Preventing bullying and online abuse: Through awareness programs and advocacy, we're working to combat online bullying and protect children from cyber threats.

What do I receive as a sponsor?

— A welcome package with your sponsored child’s photo and details about their life in the children’s village

— Mail from your sponsored child’s village twice each year with updates

— A new photo of your sponsored child every year

— The option to take a life-changing trip to visit your sponsored child

— The chance to build a relationship with a brave child as they grow up with your support!

Together, let's create a safer world for children

Join us in ending violence against children and help create a future where every child is safe, supported and empowered to thrive. Together, we can make a difference one child at a time. Sponsor a child with SOS Children's Villages USA today and be a part of the solution!

Your sponsorship and giving options

For more frequently asked questions, click here or contact Ade Onadipe, Sr. Sponsorship Manager at or (202) 347-7923. 

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