Sponsor a child and help communities in humanitarian emergencies

Sponsor a child

Your child sponsorship:
Improving lives through disaster relief and recovery 

Floods, earthquakes and conflict not only ravage communities, but also rob children of their families and leave orphaned children facing unimaginable hardships. But with your child sponsorship, you can help build a community's resiliency to prepare, respond and recover from a humanitarian crisis.

The devastating impact of disasters on children 

Natural disasters and global conflicts can have stark short and long-term effects on the lives of children and young people worldwide. 

Immediate and long-term vulnerabilities 
In the aftermath of a disaster, children—especially those who have lost their parents or caregiers—are immediately vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and trauma. Further, their education, physical and mental health, and overall well-being can be severely impacted. 

Increased risk of exploitation
Disasters can leave children orphaned or separated from their families, which significantly increases their risk of exploitation, including child labor and sex trafficking, and other forms of abuse. 

Educational disruption 
The destruction of schools and displacement of families often interrupts or puts education on hold, sometimes permanently, depriving children of their right to learn.

How your child sponsorship makes a difference 

By sponsoring a child with SOS Children's Villages USA, you're providing the precious gift of hope to a child living in disaster-prone countries. Here's how your sponsorship supports disaster relief and recovery in a child's community: 

Providing essentials
Your sponsorship ensures that the sponsored child receives food, clean water, healthcare, and shelter—essential needs that are often compromised during disasters. 

A loving home, family-like care
Beyond basic necessities, your support helps provides safe, supportive environments for children who have lost their homes or families, with caregivers trained in providing trauma-informed care, crucial for their emotional and psychological recovery. 

Continuity of education
With your help, sponsored children can continue their education even in the face of adversity. When disasters occur, our staff works to create safe spaces where children can continue to grow and learn until more permanent locations are secured.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Your sponsorship helps to support the resiliency of young people and families before disaster even strikes. SOS Children’s Villages’ programming includes disaster risk reduction, preparing communities and children to better withstand future disasters with knowledge and resources specific to their environment and climate conditions. Your support play a critical role in fostering environments where children are safer and communities are more resilient against the inevitability of natural disasters and conflicts. 

Joining forces with a trusted aid organization
By sponsoring a child, you're also supporting international disaster relief funding aimed at providing timely and effective assistance to children and young people affected by disasters in your sponsored child’s country. SOS Children's Villages USA has more than 75 years of experience responding to the unique needs of orphaned and abandoned children in emergencies. We also collaborate with disaster relief organizations and humanitarian aid groups globally to deliver comprehensive support, from immediate relief to long-term recovery and rehabilitation. 

Sponsor a child

Take action today 

Don't wait for another disaster to strike. 
Sponsor a child today
 and be a change-maker for a child without a caring family. Child sponsorship is a unique opportunity to contribute to the global disaster relief fund, humanitarian relief fund and international disaster relief efforts. 

Join us and help provide children in need with a loving home, quality education and a brighter future, even in the toughest of times.

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Your sponsorship and giving options

You can make a difference! 

Becoming a sponsor is an easy and impactful way to contribute to humanitarian aid efforts in your sponsored child’s community and country. By choosing to donate to children in need through SOS Children's Villages USA, you're taking a significant step towards ensuring that a child in a disaster-prone region has a chance not just to survive, but to thrive. 

Your support can transform lives, offering hope and tangible assistance to those caught in the crossfire of natural disasters and human conflicts. Together, we can ensure that children around the world receive the protection, love and opportunities they deserve. 

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For more frequently asked questions, click here or contact Ade Onadipe, Sr. Sponsorship Manager at or (202) 347-7923. 

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SOS Children’s Villages USA has four-stars—the highest rating— and a 97% score from Charity Navigator. We guarantee the responsible use of donations, holding ourselves to the utmost level of accountability with internal and external control systems and transparent financial reporting. SOS Children’s Villages USA is also highly recommended by GuideStar, CharityWatch and the Better Business Bureau.

Your sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.