General information on the Czech Republic

SOS Children's Villages has been working in the Czech Republic since 1969, when the founder of SOS Children's Villages, Hermann Gmeiner was invited to visit then Czechoslovakia. SOS Children's Villages currently supports families and their children in three locations in the Czech Republic.

A predominantly urban society

Little girl in our care on a day trip (photo: SOS archives)
Little girl in our care on a day trip (photo: SOS archives)
The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe, and borders Poland in the north-east, Slovakia in the south-east, Austria in the south, and Germany in the north-east. There are 10.2 million inhabitants, and children under the age of 14 account for 15 per cent of the population. About three quarters of the population lives in urban areas and the capital city of Prague is the biggest with 1.3 million inhabitants.

The present-day Czech Republic came into existence in January 1993 after the “velvet divorce” which left the previous Czechoslovakia split into its two constituent parts.